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  • FDA to Conduct a 2005 Food Safety Survey. Public Comments on Information Collection are Requested. (12/09/04)

  • 2005 Annual Meat Conference Presents New Research on Consumer Attitudes. Insight on Meat and Deli Purchasing (12/07/04)

  • FSIS Report Shows Food Safety Improvements. Control Procedures and Increased Testing Result From Listeria Interim Final Rule (12/01/04)

  • 2005 Annual Meat Conference to Feature Choice of Tours. Retail Stores, Irradiation Facility or Behind Scenes at Disney Foodservice to Be Offered (11/23/04)

  • Monetary Support Awarded to Promote Animal And Egg Production Food Safety (10/06/04)

  • FDA Report on Food Borne Illness Risk Factors Emphasizes Need for Improvement (09/16/04)

  • Media Workshop On Food Safety Draws Record Number of Reporters (09/10/04)

  • Recommendations Provided to Codex Committee to Increase Meat and Poultry Safety (09/01/04)

  • Interest in Irradiated Meat Continues In U.S. and Canada (08/25/04)

  • FSIS Releases New Data Showing Continued Reduction in Salmonella (08/05/04)

  • FSIS Requests National Advisory Committee on Meat and Poultry Inspection Nominations (08/05/04)

  • Composition of Altered Food Products Should Be Basis for Federal Safety Assessment
    New Report Released by the National Academy of Sciences (07/27/04)

  • New AMI-sponsored Web site: Consumer-Friendly Information About Meat and Poultry Safety, Proper Handling (07/26/04)

  • New ERS Report on Industry Food Safety Investments Available (06/01/04)

  • AMIF Research Funding Makes an Impact on Enhancing Meat Safety (05/21/04)

  • New USDA Data Show Decline in Salmonella Incidence on Meat and Poultry (11/24/03)

  • USDA's New R&D Agenda Identifies Key Targets for Food-Safety Research (11/20/03)

  • NIH Scientists Show Nitrite Improves Blood Flow (11/12/03)

  • Statement Of the American Meat Institute On FDA Listeria Risk Assessment (10/21/03)

  • Downward Trend of E. coli O157:H7 Indicates Success of Multi-Hurdle Food Safety Strategy, AMI Says (09/23/03)

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