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  • American Meat Institute Says Court Should Dismiss Vegetarian Group's Nuisance Lawsuit Against Hot Dogs


  • “Although news of influenza infections in people in Mexico and the U.S. and a handful of other countries is unsettling, the fact remains: U.S. pork is safe. 

  • Experts Cast Doubt on the Meat and Cancer Hypothesis New Research Debunks Popular Claims
  • Media Needs to Check Background of Pseudo Medical-Animal Rights Group and Cease Covereage of Alarmist and Unscientific Attack on Meat Products 'Physicians Committee' Campaign Exploits Children and is Fear-Mongering at Its Worst

  • Carbon Monoxide Meat Packaging System Offers Key Food Safety Benefits, New University Analyses Show.

  • American Meat Institute Urges FDA to Give Packaging a Thorough and Expedited Review

  • Beef is Perfectly Safe: Positive Test Result Should Not Cause Concern. Prevention Strategies Working to Staunch BSE in U.S., says AMI

  • Self-Proclaimed Expert Peddles Fear, Not Facts With Processed Meat Warning. Gold Standard National Toxicology Program Study Shows Nitrite Use in Cured Meats Safe (04/21/05)

  • E. coli O157:H7 Incidence Drops 43 Percent in 2004 Downward Decline on Track to Meet 2010 Government Goals, Says AMI (02/28/05)

  • American Meat Institute Says U.S. Beef Is Safe, No Need For Concern over News of Inconclusive Test Result for BSE or 'Mad Cow Disease' (11/18/04)

  • Inconclusive Test Result Should not Cause Consumer Concern (06/26/04)

  • Declines in Foodborne Infections Affirm Success of Industry Food Safety Strategies (Thirty-Six Percent Drop in E. coli O157:H7 Is Largest Ever Seen) (04/29/04)

  • Food and Drug Administration Risk Assessment Shows Animal Cloning Is Safe (10/31/03)

  • New USDA Microbiological Data Underscores Success of Industry Efforts to Eradicate Listeria on Ready-to-Eat Meat and Poultry Products (10/17/03)



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